• Aurora Viewing Lodge

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    Greet your guide at 10PM for your first visit to our Aurora Viewing Lodge, 30-40 minute drive outside of Fairbanks, where you can search the skies for the magical Aurora Borealis.  Hot drinks are always on hand and snacks are available for purchase.  Your guide can provide tips for capturing images of the Northern Lights.


    The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, have captivated the imaginations of people for thousands of years.  Legends abound about the source and meaning of this magical natural phenomenon. Visit one of the world’s great locations for viewing the Aurora.  Fairbanks, Alaska, with its perfect combination of location and conditions offers one of the best opportunities anywhere to see the mystical Lights for yourself! 

    The lore of the native Athabascan people of Interior Alaska tells that the Aurora Borealis are torches carried by spirits to light the way to the afterworld paradise for those who have recently passed.   You will undoubtedly wish to weave your own legend after viewing the magical Northern Lights.


    Tour returns to hotel between 2 & 3 AM.


    Dates: 9/15/2021 – 4/3/2022

    Rate: $105.00

    booking minimum: 2



    Hotel pick up/ drop off

    Knowledgeable local guide

    Admission to aurora viewing facilities


    Not included

    Driver/Guide gratuities

    Meals and beverages purchases made at the lodge